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We often hear of the term ‘Roulette wheel signature’ which relates to the individual action of the roulette wheel. Two wheels that look identical and made by the same person on the same day will still show a different performance, at least in the eyes of the pro-roulette player.

The same can be said for the action of roulette dealers, who each have their own ‘roulette dealer’s signature’ and there will be some that result in fairly random patterns and there are others that we can easily track and take advantage of.

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We have all seen patterns of roulette numbers up and the interesting part is that sometimes these patterns occur for a combination of real physical factors, of which the dealer’s action is just one. Other factors will relate to the performance of the wheel, the type of ball and many more, all of which are described on my CD players manual.

This is the one video that I wanted to make a long time ago but knew that if it had been my first video, players would think there was some kind of fix. In fact there are no camera tricks or magnets required. This is an extraordinary moment when not only is there a strong dealer roulette signature but it is of the most noticeable type, in that the pattern was the last number to the next same number. This is the most simple of patterns to detect, though just as strong patterns are often going on but in a far less obvious way.  With such conditions in place I chose to make a video to show how at these times, numbers can repeat themselves more often and that even I got more than I expected !! .

 Please note that this roulette dealing skill is not applied in any of my system play videos where there is no thought to the throw of the ball or wheel. As players we must act on the wheel and ball speeds after the start of the spin. However, This video also shows that when the dealer is predictable, we can actually bet before the spin, as often required to do with online casino roulette.

Without going into to much detail, there are good roulette dealers and not so good dealers for the professional roulette player, and for anyone who has played for just a short while, it would be easy to consider the type of things that we may like, and probably best summed up as roulette dealer consistency.

In the roulette predicting demonstration video below I want to show how easy it can be for patterns to develop in a predictable way. In order to create this pattern I shall be throwing both the wheel and ball with consistency, just as a dealer might do when tired and operating on auto pilot. There is ofcourse much more going on than just what I am doing with my hand, it is all the other important conditions for roulette play that when added to a consistent dealer, makes for big roulette winning margins !

         All Jafco roulette videos are filmed live and with no film cuts during actual play.

So let’s look at the key differences between the Jafco visual roulette system and the Jafco roulette dealer’s signature system.

The main difference is down to the moment that we need make our bet selections. For those players who can bet inside the last 6 revolutions of the ball and who have good hand eye co-ordination then the visual system will be your best option. For those players who are required to bet earlier than this point during the spin or who wish to reduce the dependence on player skills, then your best option is the dealer signature system. For the perfectionist player he should have both methods as this will greatly increase options for play. Those purchasing both visual styles of play at one time will receive a 50% discount on one of them.
Five ways to play the roulette signature

With the Signature roulette System there are 5 styles of playing and each style relates to the precise moment that we need to select our bets. For example, in some places we have to play our bets before the roulette spin even starts. This is the hardest game of all because we need to predict the dealer’s action more than when we can bet later in the spin. However, given the right conditions this ‘last number to next number’ method can be extremely successful, especially with the best and most consistent dealers. Interestingly, there are good dealers online where wheel speeds are generally slower on average in order to provide players with a reasonable view of what’s going on.

Game style three is an interesting way to play too and we would select this method when we need to bet fairly early but where we also have time to assess the wheel and approximate ball speeds. Incorporating this data into our method adds greatly to our accuracy and effectively neutralizes any variation in wheel speeds by the dealer.

In all there are five ways to play, where all the main playing principles are the same but where in each case one factor will become more significant than another.

All Jafco roulette videos are filmed live and with no film cuts during actual play.

In the video below I want to show how a dealer could manipulate the ball and wheel as he likes, even on one of the most challenging and modern wheels. Please note that this dealing skill is not being applied in any of my system play videos where I pick up the wheel and ball action after the start of the spin.

John Huxley Starburst Roulette Wheel
As Found in Casinos Worlwide

When it comes to wheel speed assessment, we introduced the way to count in rhythm over a short but definite period of time. This enables us to see how far the wheel moves over this set time period and from that information our player cards will automatically convert it into either a bet number or a place to find your bet number. In other words the conversion process is very fast as you never need to even know what the actual speed was, just the place to look.

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The advanced roulette playerv pack includes all visual system items, as desribed in option 1 above, plus:

1. The advanced system booklet (Over 40 pages in colour)

2. A new and more customized vibration unit with switch for both ball and wheel speeds.

3. Several card maker charts, enabling the player to create a card for virtually all situations.

4. Five visual simulation charts to highlight the roulette overlap postions for different roulette rotor speeds and variable ball deceleration rates.

5. There will also be a full description of exactly how to best use the charts described above.

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Option 3

Dealer's Signature System &The Adjustable Vibration Unit

This vibration unit will pulse silently and continuously in the set rhythm. This is definitely the very best way to train a skilful rhythm count. It’s also a great way to get your practice underway. Simply watch to see how far any single number moves over the set time.

Also included in your player pack will be my new 50 page spin pattern analysis booklet showing innovative ways to track the croupier’s dealer signature patterns.

On your practice DVD there’s about two hours of roulette spins including a clip with four hits in a row on Eighteen Red ! This DVD is designed for close up spin analysis and to watch on computer.

You will also receive your Player’s manual on CD, showing in full detail all five playing methods and much more!

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Option 4

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This purchase option is for players wanting the classic Jafco visual roulette system and the Jafco Dealer’s Signature system. (options 1 and 3 together )

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