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Can I play dealer Signature on American and European roulette wheels?

Yes, we can play both European and US roulette wheels with all the jafco methods of system play.  With Jafco’s dealer’s signature roulette system we are sometimes looking at the wheel at a specific section and at a particular time to find our bets. We will therefore be betting on the number section we see, regardless of what type of roulette wheel we are playing. The double zero in the American style of roulette will have a very small negative impact on your winning margin and  would not be that noticeable or destructive unless you were playing a very weak roulette wheel.

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Can I play the Dealer's Signature system in both directions of the roulette rotor

Yes, we play both anti-clockwise and Clockwise roulette wheel spins, as with all of my pro-roulette systems.  I am often asked about this and think it must be because in my videos the wheels are going one way, but in casinos they usually change the roulette rotor’s direction between one roulette throw and the next. The reason for doing this single direction is to better demonstrate what is going on as it allows visitors to see everything very clearly with as little confusion as possible.

Naturally once we are good in one direction then we will know very clearly how to apply exactly the same method but across the vertical axis of the roulette wheel. That may sound complicated but for us it just simply means that we use a different player card which will convert all the required positions for each wheel direction separately.

It is also quite probable that one direction of the roulette wheel will at times offer a higher advantage than the other. This is because each direction will show a different pin landing distribution, as described on all Jafco roulette information CDs.

Please note that the roulette skill in this video below is not applied in any of my system play videos where there is no thought to the throw of the ball or wheel. As players we must act on the wheel and ball speeds after the start of the spin. However, This video also shows that when the dealer is predictable, we can actually bet before the spin, as often required with online casino roulette play

Can I win at Roulette Online with the Jafco’s Roulette Dealer System

Unlike my visual system we can play the dealer’s signature system online, though only in the right conditions and by that I mean we don’t play every wheel whether online or in the casino.  Opportunities to play live online roulette seems to be on the increase and there are certain good things to say about it, none less than the fact that the wheel speeds are generally slower than in land based casinos and obviously this is for an improved view for customers.

The dealer’s signature system was designed with online gaming in mind as it is the one visual of play where we can bet very early in the spin and even before the spin starts.

We track the roulette dealer’s throw pattern in a certain way that also considers many other physical and critical factors. Our method of spin data collection will highlight the slightest sniff of a genuine and physical pattern and a pro roulette player can then follow the correct sections to bet.

The dealer signature system is the best player option for online roulette, though ofcourse we can improve further on our accuracy with the Jafco Roulette computer

Is there a Jafco Roulette Training Service

For the dealer signature roulette system customer I am always available to answer any player questions by email. I can’t do free demonstrations on this product as it is not priced on this basis. However, I can offer genuine players a full day of live training with either the dealer pattern method or the visual roulette system, though this is on an appointment only basis, and costs and extra £125.

I have heard of many recent examples of sellers imitating my visual methods of play and although a compliment, I would always recommend that your system comes direct from the roulette system designer with whom you can be certain of receiving accurate playing information and answers.

 I like to feel that I offer a good service and some customers have been good enough to say this in their messages or roulette system testimonials

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