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Can I use the Pred7 Computer on both European and American Roulette wheels?

We can play both the European and American roulette games with all the jafco roulette systems. With the roulette software prediction system (Pred7) we have a complete menu of tools available to the pro-roulette clocker and as you would expect this includes the option for both American or European roulette styles. Simply click in the menu and instantly the program is re-set for your chosen roulette game. The double 00 in  the American style of roulette will have a very small negative affect on our winning margins but, providing you are playing a good roulette wheel you should not feel any real impact from the extra roulette number pocket.

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Can I play the Pred7 computer roulette System in both roulette wheel directions?

We play both directions of the roulette wheel and that’s the case with all jafco’s roulette playing systems. I think I am asked this question a lot because in my roulette films the wheels are all going in one direction, yet in most casinos they alternate the direction of the wheel from one roulette spin to the next. I chose the single direction to demonstrate my roulette system as it allows visitors to see everything very clearly, with as little confusion as possible. It’s no surprise that I also do my roulette research, demonstrations and practice in exactly the same way.

When we become good in one roulette wheel direction we will then be better placed to simply apply the method learnt to both directions and all in an instant. The roulette system will be the same but we always need to set up for each individual direction as the roulette ball drop points will likely be different for each.

In this first Pred7 video I am simulating an automatic roulette machine wheel where the wheel is pushed, followed later with a random ball throw. This test video will show how it is possible to bet as early as we want, and even on the basis of a single ball revolution time.

Can I win Online Roulette with Jafco’s Pred7 Roulette Computer

A very short while ago the answer to this question would have been a resounding no, but this has all changed with my two most recent updates, where we have added the required tools to enable a very early and still very accurate bet. In fact, on my test video I show how we can make predictions based on the very first ball revolution time. This is the earliest prediction ever seen by a computer but unlike other roulette computers, it is based on just one spin revolution of the roulette ball, and the fastest one at that. This is to show that we can set the roulette program to make its predictions as and when we want.

It should also be stated that as pro-roulette players we do not choose to play any and every wheel that we come across because, as you may read on my CD, we look for certain roulette wheel characteristics that we like. We should not overlook that although we can play online, there will be many more playing options in the land based casinos, simply because there are many more wheels to choose from and a higher probability of therefore finding the best ones. A combination of both styles is best but failing that, the option to play either is there.

How Can I play roulette System with a betting Partner?

This strategy of team play has been adopted for many years. It is mainly used when the playing gets big and important to deflect attention from the clocker. We have a very good way of linking two players together and this can be demonstrated during the free pre-purchase demonstration.

Is there an after sales Roulette Training Service

For my roulette computer customers I will go even further by offering a free of charge live 1 to 1 training. This would follow a free pre-purchase demonstration where you will see the roulette prediction quality before spending any money. I don’t believe there are others who offer this important service, or at least not to the same extent. For customers who are unable to visit London, I offer a full and complete training course by email. I like to feel that I offer a good service and some customers have been good enough to say this in their messages or roulette system testimonials.

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