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Can I play the visual roulette methods on European and American roulette wheels?

Yes, we can play both styles of roulette wheels with all the jafco roulette systems. With the visual roulette system we are actually looking at the wheel in a specific place and at a specific time to find our bets. We will therefore be betting on what ever number section we see, regardless of what type of roulette wheel we are playing. The extra zero in the American style of roulette will have a very small impact on your winning margin but would not feel destructive unless you were playing a very weak wheel.

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Can I play the Visual Roulette System for both roulette  wheel directions ?

Yes, we play both directions of the roulette rotor and that’s the case with all jafco’s roulette systems. I think I am asked this question often because in my videos the wheels are going one way whereas in casinos they usually alternate between one roulette spin and the next. The reason I choose the single direction to demonstrate is because it allows visitors to see everything very clearly with as little confusion as possible. It will be of no surprise that I also research, demonstrate and practice in this same way.

Naturally once we are good in one direction then we will know very clearly how to apply exactly the same method but across the mirror of the vertical axis. The method will be the same but we always set up for each individual direction as the pin landing distribution and ball directions will likely be different

In this Visual roulette system video I am keeping my two neighbour bets close together as the conditions are good. I am therefore aiming at double neighbour bet winners. Please note that in the first spin I actually make an error and mean to bet 14 and 9 but in error, write 14 and 19.Number14 wins and so it matters not, other than pointing out that it would have been another double winner!

Can I win Online Roulette with the Jafco Visual Roulette System

This is one of the few questions that requires a definitive answer of no. My visual system was designed for live play where we bet inside the last six revolutions of the ball. These roulette conditions are rarely available with live online roulette, when we are often required to bet earlier in the spin. All is not lost by any means as I recently released my dealer’s signature system where there are five playing styles, each relating to the moment we must bet and including a version for playing pre-spin. If you are restricted to online roulette only, then my Jafco dealer’s signature system is the recommended option, except for those wanting to maximize their accuracy with the Jafco roulette software prediction when we can bet very early and often with great accuracy.

Is there a visual Roulette Training Service?

For the visual roulette system customer I am always available to answer any roulette playing questions via email. I can’t do free demonstrations on this system as it is not priced for this. However, I can offer genuine roulette players a full day of live training with either the dealer pattern method or the visual roulette system, though this is on an appointment only basis and costs an extra £125 for around 5 hours of roulette training.

There are a growing number of Jafco system imitators on the net and when it comes to winning at roulette, my best advice is to deaI  directly with the system designer as this is the only way of being sure to receive accurate answers to what may be critical questions. Furthermore you will be assured of the most modern and up to date methods of roulette system play.

 I certainly hope that I give a good roulette customer service and many have been good enough to say this in their messages or visual roulette system testimonials.

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