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Visual roulette is one of the most practical and powerful ways to win big at the casino and as the name suggests, the most successful players will be those who are fast thinking and with good hand eye co-ordination. If that’s not you, then you would be better oft playing my dealer signature system where we neutralize the action of the ball instead of visually reading it. The visual system for roulette has the greater winning margin potential because of our increased accuracy, however the dealer signature will provide the player with more options for play which could ultimately yield a greater return, albeit at a very slightly lower winning edge.

The big roulette playing factors remain the same for both the visual  and the dealer signature roulette systems, and it is the way in which we apply the playing method that differs. Essentially, the visual system play style would be the first choice for all players who are able to bet inside the last 6 revolutions of the ball and who are comfortable with their visual skill levels. (like sports players, good drivers and video gamers) and then the five dealer signature styles of play will cover anything where we are required to bet earlier.

Welcome Winning World! | Roulette System by Jafco

As we are confronted with varying conditions of play, my recommendation for all serious players is that in the medium term, it would be ideal to have both systems of play to enable all options including online play with the dealer signature system where we are often required to bet before the spin even starts. I also recommend the visual system as the first and best option for all players who able to bet within about the last 5 or 6 revolutions of the ball.

After nearly 30 years of roulette playing it’s easy to imagine that my ball reading skills and roulette knowledge must be fairly reasonable and the good thing is that the years of discovery and built up knowledge of the roulette wheel can be passed on to others with some clearly outlined training documents on my CD player manual that can be read in hours, Practised in days, and played in a week !

It’s also worth saying that even the ball reading part is made a lot easier when you know very precisely in your head what you are aiming at and this is also a technique that I can pass on and indeed, learnt extremely quickly myself many years ago.

With my visual roulette system we select our bets from the wheel itself and from precise place at a precise moment during the later part of the spin. The first good thing to say is that we don’t have to learn all the number layouts because we are looking at the bet section we want at the very moment we want it. This being the case, you can see why the method will also apply on both the European and American style of roulette wheel, either will do nicely as we will simply see a different section of numbers in each case.

As you can imagine, we look for certain roulette wheel characteristics that we like rather than just going up and playing any wheel. Technically, nearly all makes of wheel are playable but what happens is that many perform in an irregular way and this happens for a variety of reasons from manufacturing imperfections to simple wear and tear. Prospecting for the very best wheels can be better than prospecting for gold !  where one month of money can be won in forty minutes, quite literally.

Roulette Rhythm Counting & Roulette Vibration Systems

To gain maximum accuracy we use a form of rhythm counting at the start of the spin which enables us to view how far the wheel rotor moves over a certain time (the count) and from this we can easily measure the wheel speed. To gain perfect rhythm very quickly, you will receive the latest adjustable vibration unit that is fully compatible with both my systems and comes with a full year warranty.  The vibration unit will run non stop & silently for many hours with an external battery change to make things very simple.  When you first start to practice, and before you have gained a counting rhythm, this vibration unit will give you the perfect rhythm from day one.

This system is not the same as traditional visual roulette where the professional once had a wide choice of heavily biased wheels to pick from. The game has moved on considerably over the years and we must be equipped to play on what we know as semi-biased wheels, where there is more than just a single drop point for the ball. Specializing in this part of the game, known as the two and three pin roulette games, has enabled many player customers to greatly increase their playing options and with a higher winning margin.

Once standing next to a two pin wheel it will nearly always reveal its wheel signature action within about 8 spins in each direction of the ball. It may take a few spins longer sometimes but at least it’s not the thousand or more spins we need to locate a biased number. There is a very specific way to play these wheels and your set up and strategy is critical.


A few years ago I introduced an interesting playing concept that I called “the Jafco roulette overlap”  It is basically a very strong advantage point on the wheel that will suit a landing on either of the two or three active pins that you are playing. I also refer to it as the hot betting zone and is certainly a position that I take up in nearly all my videos. It all came about a number of years back when, as you can imagine, it became critical to be able to play a more modern method to continue to win at an ever evolving game.
I also refer to the Jafco overlap as the third dimention of roulette as it feels so geometric.

This film clip shows a lower than normal winning margin for visual roulette because it was made to demonstrate how we can adjust our normal betting position when the conditions make the ball extremely bouncy. We need to stay well back with our bet position and it is the longer versus shorter bounce element that reduces the potential margin.

3 basic & repetitive player tasks each and every spin.

Once we have located our wheel to play and have set up correctly to play it, we are then in a position to simply perform the same three tasks spin after spin whilst making small adjustments to our bet position as we go and as the conditions vary.

Task 1     wheel speed

As soon as the croupier has pushed the roulette wheel rotor we are in a position to assess its speed and we do this simply with our rhythm count (or vibration) and base this on how far the wheel moves during a certain period of time.

Task 2     Select bet location

As soon as we have completed task one we immediately look at our player card and this directs us on where to look to find our “hot zone” for when the bet moment comes. The cards are simple wheel cards as supplied by the casinos themselves and where you have just added some basic data. There are variety of ways to do this process.

Task 3     Selecting the betting moment

The process for selecting the correct betting moment is one of the many important aspects of the game that is fully described on my player manual CD. It is the last task in the process before actually making the bets. You will simply need to look in the place on the wheel originally given to you on the player card whilst performing task 2.

I once predicted that all visual systems and computer systems will adopt this more modern way of playing and It’s true to say there are a number of imitations of the theme but as things need to fit perfectly in roulette and because you will need accurate answers to your player questions, my strong advice would be to look no further than the original system designer, especially with the system costing less than a single roulette winner.

Includes Vibration Unit

Promotion Offer

Option 1

Updated Visual Roulette System - New Promotional Price

Our complete roulette system on CD and DVD with the digital vibration unit plus the playing card data is now available for a price of £155 sterling, plus £9.50 for secure worldwide post and packing.

Option 2

Advanced Visual Roulette System

The advanced roulette playerv pack includes all visual system items, as desribed in option 1 above, plus:

1. The advanced system booklet (Over 40 pages in colour)

2. A new and more customized vibration unit with switch for both ball and wheel speeds.

3. Several card maker charts, enabling the player to create a card for virtually all situations.

4. Five visual simulation charts to highlight the roulette overlap postions for different roulette rotor speeds and variable ball deceleration rates.

5. There will also be a full description of exactly how to best use the charts described above.

Buy it now £285 + £13.50 Secure worldwide post.

Option 3

Dealer's Signature System &The Adjustable Vibration Unit

This vibration unit will pulse silently and continuously in the set rhythm. This is definitely the very best way to train a skilful rhythm count. It’s also a great way to get your practice underway. Simply watch to see how far any single number moves over the set time.

Also included in your player pack will be my new 50 page spin pattern analysis booklet showing innovative ways to track the croupier’s dealer signature patterns.

On your practice DVD there’s about two hours of roulette spins including a clip with four hits in a row on Eighteen Red ! This DVD is designed for close up spin analysis and to watch on computer.

You will also receive your Player’s manual on CD, showing in full detail all five playing methods and much more!

Buy it now £165 + £13.50 Secure worldwide post.

Option 4

Promotion Offer

This purchase option is for players wanting the classic Jafco visual roulette system and the Jafco Dealer’s Signature system. (options 1 and 3 together )

Buy it now £285 + £13.50 Secure worldwide post.

Option 5

Promotion Offer

For players wanting the complete package with all system information and products from options 1,2 and 3, I am offering a great promotional price.

Buy it now £385 + £14 Secure worldwide post.

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