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It’s difficult to know from internet reviews exactly how good a roulette system seller’s product is. On the one hand winners are naturally discreet about their methods and on the other hand there are those with an interest to smear either the products or the sellers themselves. So far, I have chosen not to post on any of the forums or even use my right to reply, and this is partly because it is sometimes hard to fully debate my products without giving too much information and partly out of respect for those who run the forums who are often themselves, my competitors.

Welcome Winning World! | Roulette System by Jafco

I started this testimonial page a while back and have just updated it as players continue to let me know their news. The first 15 or so messages are the most recent. (updated Oct 2012)

London Player

I have been impressed by your visual system, I did't believe it is possible to beat the roulette until I bought your system

UK Player

Good news i don't know if you got my text i won 11 grand last night! Just a pity xxxx was in France and missed it all! It was visual as well, were you playing anywhere did any of your other players have a big win at all?

Australian Player

244 units profit last night.  Flat betting on a pocket 6 sector.  I was up over 300 units at one point but things started changing towards the end of the session.  I also experienced one of those magical moment of repetition where I slammed on about 115 units in the space of 5 spins, and in hindsight I really should have pressed big, but being the first session trying your methods I decided to play it safe with flat bets.

And from the same player:

Firstly, I am kicking ass with the DS system.  I had another successful day today on a different airball machine using the basic number to next number system with the cancel option.  That is 7 consecutive winning sessions in a row now.  I haven't had to withdraw any of my own money for 2 weeks now so couldn't be happier on this front - I haven't even tried game style 3 yet as I've been so successful on the air ball machines that I want to keep riding it while it's good.

European player new to the Pro roulette game.

I love playing with the simplest system that allows me to finally win”

Uk Player after visiting Las Vegas.

I just got back from Vegas, And used your system, I don't fully understand everything yet, but what I learned in the 2 weeks made a big difference at the table. I made about 4000. They were using a small ball which had more bounce. I am going to study more and memorize the wheel. Just wanted to say thanks

Text Messages from a visual players

“just won another 14 grand tonight, conditions amazing….”

Text msg. from a player who had invited me to join him

“You missed out on a three grand win ! “

Text Msg.

“just won a quick grand in 30 mins.

Plus many more texts from players.

More emails


Hi John thanks for the visual and advanced system I’ve worked through everything and after a few sessions it’s all working very well.  

I bought roulette dealer and visual signature. I am very happy with these products, I wanted to thank you for your advice and your professionalism. Now, I want information on Pred 7 computer roulette

French player.

Je voulais vous remercier car j 'ai gagné une belle somme d'argent avec la roulette visuelle. Je me suis entrainé et j 'ai enfin réussi à gagner trois jours de suite.

Google translation

I wanted to thank you because I have won a large sum of money with roulette visual. I trained and I have finally managed to win three consecutive days.

My advice is to only accept information as correct if it is fully qualified and to avoid being lead by inaccuracies, so called expert opinions and obvious smears, it is best to focus on what the real customers are saying.

I don’t publish my own opinions on my competitor’s products as I don’t see it my place to do so, it would be a little like asking the the Coca Cola company their opinion on the taste of Pepsi!

I frequently get emails from satisfied customers and occasionally a full testimonial.

After nearly 30 years of roulette playing it’s easy to imagine that my ball reading skills and roulette knowledge must be fairly reasonable and the good thing is that the years of discovery and built up knowledge of the roulette wheel can be passed on to others with a some clearly outlined training documents on my CD player manual that can be read in hours, Practised in days, and played in a week !
It’s also worth saying that even the ball reading part is made a lot easier when you know very precisely in your head what you are aiming at and this is also a technique that I can pass on and indeed learnt extremely quickly myself many years ago.

Hi John
Thank you again for your unfailing commitment to customer service.
As you know I have been extremely impressed with the visual system I bought from you and I found it hard to imagine that the "Pred" computer could be any better.
Having seen "Pred" in action and had the chance to compare both systems it was a very easy decision to upgrade and I am enjoying "Pred" even more than I thought I would!
You have two fantastic products and your readiness to support them has made it a pleasure to deal with you.
Again, my thanks for everything John and do keep an eye out for those friends of mine who will be calling you soon.
TG / Spain

I have seen 1st hand your visual systems and also the predictor, and it is just amazing. Before a ball is even spun, before we contemplate roulette there are 2/3 variable conditions which we need to take into account and any 'pro' who doesn't is not a pro. John you are the best player and you have the best system in the world, and I'm just grateful to have you on my doorstep or rather 127 miles away. And I have had 1st hand experience of the margins myself.

I also receive many great text messages from successful players, often in the middle of the night!
These were interesting in that these messages were all from a two player team over a short period of time.

lovely conditions last night, won about 2 grand !

up 1200 in 2 nights. We prefer the new vibration.

We have just won about 5000 in one night! We have to hide lots of chips!

Cheeky grand last night !

2 grand tonight

Great conditions, another 2500 in an hour and a half

Oops ! I did it again, won 3 and half grand, we have a load of chips! What to do? Cashed out 1700 between us.

2 grand last night made up for trip to xxxxxx

Another 2 grand between us last night

I am 4 grand up, can’t stop hitting

Left 2500 up in the end.

You would have been very proud john, went to casino at 12 left at 12.30  1300 up. I hit 5 spins in a row including three doubles and left as soon as conditions changed.

Hi John

Just wanted to add more thing, just wanted to say thank you for all the time effort and support with everything since i became a customer, you have been very helpful and i am very grateful that you have shared and carry on to share your 25+ yrs of knowledge and experience, i would recommend you to anyone wanted to be a good roulette player because your the best out there and your support system is by far number 1.

Sincerely yours

Your VB system is the best ever!
i have found 4 dvd spins with tilted wheels 2 pin and I can always and easily predict the number that is hitting the rotor and I add the average scatter and i win perfectly!!!!
The watch and the cards are perfect combination that make all easy and fast!!!!
But as you read i am making my own cards for every wheel.......but again the whole idea is your system!!!!

European Player

John ciao,
sei un maestro il miglior giocatore che io abbia conosciuto ;-) mi hai fatto conoscere un nuovo modo di puntare al tavolo verde! La fortuna non esiste al casinò!!! Comunque non è facile come sembra bisogna essere sempre attenti e puntare con testa!

Grazie ancora di cuore, se vuoi metti pure i miei messaggi sul tuo sito web.

Ancora grazie John

Translated as:

Hello John,
you are a teacher, the best player I have ever known ;-) you made me experience a new way to aim at the green table! Luck does not exist at the casino! However it is not easy as it seems you have to be careful and always bet with your head!

Thanks again to the heart, if you want to add also my posts on your website.

Thank you again John

Hi John,

tutto ok vado sempre bene ho perso solo un paio di volte... Il mio profitto è molto alto circa 15'000-20'000 al mese ho vinto molto! Non ho più scritto per non disturbare ;-)

Translated as:
Hi John,
ok well I lost only a couple of times ... My profit is very high around 15'000-20'000 a month I won a lot! I have not written as not to disturb;-)

Best wishes

Months Later and having been sent countless pics of piles of chips I thought I needed to ask the big question regarding the up to date total. This was a shocking reply and you can choose to believe or not. I believe it because of various circumstances but the big sign for me was the comment about other players following his bets, a sure sign of a professional player on a roll and definitely on a great wheel.

Hi John, ancora poco tempo e buone vincite arrivo a 1'000'000  Tutti i giorni minimo 1000-1500 massima vincita in un giorno 18'900!!!
Tutti i giorni devo cambiare casinò, il problema è che i giocatori seguono le miei puntate!
Buona notte...

Google Translation:

Hi John, just a short time and good winnings arrival at 1,000,000. Daily Minimum Maximum payout 1000-1500 18'900 in one day!

Every day I have to change the casino, the problem is that playersfollow my bets!

Good night ...

EU Player.

HI john

I just feel the need to add a quick note to say how impressed i am, not just about the kit you have provided (which I believe is excellent) but more importantly about the after sales service you’re operating. Credit where credits due, the full service is excellent mate, I honestly can’t recommend you enough


Testimonial from a USA Customer

Jafco is a company from which I purchased a method a year or so ago, and it is, I believe, the only way to beat roulette.  I say "method" instead of "system" because it is not a betting routine that you use, but is a method to better predicting where the ball will fall.

Hi John,
I just wanna tell you something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
YOUR Roulette System is excellent, how did you do that? You are a Genious!!!! very wise!

Kind regards


Perhaps the genius part is taking things a bit too far, but these are still genuine customer reactions. I have seen a non customer describe my visual system as being for both beginners and idiots. I was myself recently playing my original visual system in its most natural and updated form, and I couldn’t help thinking how, after 30 years of being a player, this was still definitely my first and best choice for visual play, and yet I don’t consider myself to be an idiot or a beginner!

This customer kindly volunteered this testimonial .

Jafco's customer service is perfect. John goes out of his way to show:

-how you can gain an advantage

-why you have an advantage

-when you have an advantage.

He is a true enthusiast of the game. He is not just doing this on the side to make extra money.... he lives this, he talks the talk and walks the walk.
He is also prepared to walk you through any area of the game that may come across challenging without making the customer feel small or inferior (no pun intended).

I started out with the visual system (the vibe) and progressed to pred and I would recommend anyone considering pred to also get the vibe first so that they understand the principles. However, its not essential to get the vibe aswell as pred but what I found is that the vibe and pred go hand in hand and I can choose to play either visually or with the pred giving me options and comfort.

Sincerely yours

Hi John,

Just a quick note, just wanted to let you know conditions tonight seem great.. Played 100 spins between xxxxxxxx results were 47wins (next door) 19 direct number hits, great ball bounce and rolling long and nice. 

I am very grateful for the messages received, especially as there is nothing better than hearing from satisfied players.  In conclusion I feel that with so many customers winning many times the total revenue received from visual system sales, this a sure sign of a genuine winning roulette system which can for many yield a very strong return on their original investment of less than £200 !!

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