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Surfing the net for winning roulette systems seems to be virtually impossible and you can be forgiven for being confused as it is a total minefield out there. The most useful invention would be a system for finding a top roulette system!

If you look at a review site, a certain roulette system is the best and another is the worst and then on a different review site that same worst system is now the best and the one that was best is now the worst. Confused?, don’t worry, you are not alone.

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New Pred Testimonials (Updated October 2012)

T.D Australia

Thanks again, I forgot to mention, after roughly 1200 bets my odds on hitting a single number are around 1 in 22.

Out of curiosity what are the average odds that you and other players have hitting a single number over the long term?

From a customer in Greece

How are you my friend?

John I have great news!!!

I was some days ago in casino and I had with me the simple switch in my pocket and I just record some spins!!

The results are amazing my friend!!!!!!!

From 18 spins I get 11 spins correct and from these 11 spins the 4 was exactly the number that I heard in my ear

and 2 of them were double paying because with my way of plying I have to put my bet in this way that means double paying!!

Testimonial from a visitor and seen on a roulette forum.

Yesterday I met with John (a co-developer of Pred7) at his home in London. John is a very amiable, unassuming chap and, more importantly, a lifelong roulette enthusiast. Even more importantly, he is definitely not Mark Howe/Stefano etc. He is also very much a British national, if that is of any significance.
All I'm going to say about the prediction device is that it appears to work very well. I used it personally on a live wheel. The wheel's tilt was adjusted during the session to incorporate varying diamond/pin bias (starting with a two pin bias, altering to three and then four). I managed several direct hits during 45 mins or so of live play. 
It's worth pointing out that I spent six hours or so in John's company. He provided me with a very full demonstration and explanation of the device/system. At no point did he suggest I parted with any money.
I think anyone still looking for a device and still in possession of an open mind could do a lot worse than at least take a closer look.
I have no ulterior motive and am in NO WAY connected to the company. 
Good luck all.

Customer from Italy.

the new switch it's also great... i fitted it xxxxxxxxx and it's really invisible, great... really, you are a genius :)


I had another win of around 10k last night but i managed to keep it hidden as casino was very busy and a friend cashed out the chips for me, i had put some cash over the table so it all looked good.


Great product, john is very helpful and very nice guy. I purchased the Pred 7 two player option. Made £900 in first 3 days. -- Highly recommended

B. Australia


It's frightening how accurate it is - I'm kicking your ass on the video at the moment.  I haven't even read the manual yet!

Very Recent Visual system customer.

I bought roulette dealer and visual signature. I am very happy with these products, I wanted to thank you for your advice and your professionalism. Now, I want information on Pred 7 computer roulette. I am very interested to buy it.

My advice when looking for a long term winning roulette method is to ask the right questions and always see a complete demonstration of a fully operating system on a live wheel before you spend any serious money. Live videos can certainly show much, whereas demonstrations on video replays are not so helpful and can be very misleading, as the result is already known!

If you are searching around and reading about my products please make sure statements are qualified and look closely at what the real customers are saying.

I often get complimentary emails, calls and messages from my Pred7 customers and I would like to share a few with you.

I first wish to state that these are messages sent to me by genuine jafco roulette computer Pred7 customers . This is just a very small number of the messages that I receive and I have included them as I believe it shows the extent to which my customers are satisfied.

Part of an email from an overseas professional Pred7 player.

I've been taking a friend of mine to the casino (as a betting partner) as often as possible and we have been doing quite well with the Pred 7.   Damn good program after a bit of practice - I haven't missed on the last 5 sessions I have played.  (Missed a lot of spins actually but always walked away at least slightly ahead, usually very ahead!)   What's better is I am reasonably certain that I don't know to effectively implement all of the tricks your computer has to offer; perhaps the best is still yet to come.  Best purchase I ever made, many thanks......

This was a late night text message from a new roulette predictor customer who was advised not to play on the first night after the training………..So what do I know !

Hi John, practised for hours last night, went 2 casino about 3am, just for a little tester. Won £3600 from £200 bankrol, fantastic computer, speak soon.

The same player a short while later

Hi John

Just thought id let you know i found a on line casino and i won just over £7,000 with a starting bank of £60. 
I started out with 10p neighbor bets just as a tester and up the stakes when conditions where good. It has a clear picture unlike some online casinos.

Within a few weeks I felt the need to ask him how it was all going.

Yes im doing very well indeed. Ive taken about £30,000 this week but having trouble cashing chips in as i dont want to get barred yet. Any advice would be great?

Hi John,

It's gratifying to let you know that I really like your Pred7 new update!

Last week we found a good xxxxxx Wheel at a small casino 24 miles away from my home. After observing the wheel, I found out that  xxxxxxxxxxxxxx… The roulette head speed was medium. The bounce was set to 14 and I used half-wheel timing. Out of 25 spins, I managed to hit exact 5 times with 12 neighbor hits! It was great! I have never done this before!


I have seen 1st hand your visual systems and also the predictor, and it is just amazing. Before a ball is even spun, before we contemplate roulette there are 2/3 variable conditions which we need to take into account and any 'pro' who doesn't is not a pro. John you are the best player and you have the best system in the world, and I'm just grateful to have you on my doorstep or rather 127 miles away. And I have had 1st hand experience of the margins myself.

Hi John


Just wanted to add more thing, just wanted to say thank you for all the time effort and support with everything since i became a customer, you have been very helpful and i am very grateful that you have shared and carry on to share your 25+ yrs of knowledge and experience, i would recommend you to anyone wanted to be a good roulette player because your the best out there and your support system is by far number 1.

Sincerely yours

Hi John,

Very glad to hear from you. I am very well as usual and making good income using
Pred7. Thanks to you for introducing it to me!
S R. Overseas Customer

HI john

I just feel the need to add a quick note to say how impressed i am, not just about the kit you have provided (which I believe is excellent) but more importantly about the after sales service you’re operating. Credit where credits due, the full service is excellent mate, I honestly can’t recommend you enough


hi there
that was an awesome demonstration,
 been looking around and have found some wheels that you describe. noticed one wheel yesterday was xxxxxxx from 15 out of 20 spins.

Hi John

How you doing? I hope everything is well with you.

Its been quite a while since the last time we spoke, well that's because I've been quite busy, busy ..Cashig in 'chips' :) ..., Yeah its been very good so far, honestly John I've really got to hand it to you cos I was slightly apprehensive at first about being your first customer so I was pleasantly surprised to win over 50k in my first year using your 'Pred 7'.... Its by far the best product on the market, so I'm really glad I made the right decision to buy i……..,


Best regards,

Mark L.

hi john

just wanted to report a quite staggering winning session on the latter part of your second training
DVD, the part where you use visual prediction only. I wish I had kept a record now, but the hit rate was truly astronomical, despite the fact it had got late and I was knackered!! I think it must have gone close to three hits to every one loss for long periods.

Mike /  Midlands

Hi John
Thank you again for your unfailing commitment to customer service.
As you know I have been extremely impressed with the visual system I bought from you and I found it hard to imagine that the "Pred" computer could be any better.
Having seen "Pred" in action and had the chance to compare both systems it was a very easy decision to upgrade and I am enjoying "Pred" even more than I thought I would!
You have two fantastic products and your readiness to support them has made it a pleasure to deal with you.
Again, my thanks for everything John and do keep an eye out for those friends of mine who will be calling you soon.
TG / Spain

Jafco's customer service is perfect. John goes out of his way to show:

-how you can gain an advantage

-why you have an advantage

-when you have an advantage.

He is a true enthusiast of the game. He is not just doing this on the side to make extra money.... he lives this, he talks the talk and walks the walk.
He is also prepared to walk you through any area of the game that may come across challenging without making the customer feel small or inferior (no pun intended).

I started out with the visual system (the vibe) and progressed to pred and I would recommend anyone considering pred to also get the vibe first so that they understand the principles. However, its not essential to get the vibe aswell as pred but what I found is that the vibe and pred go hand in hand and I can choose to play either visually or with the pred giving me options and comfort.

Sincerely yours

About ten years ago, as a visual roulette pro player, I recall thinking that it would be very interesting to convert my method into a roulette predicting program. As it turned out it was an extraordinary process of conversion that took about 4 years. I tried to use all my experience from my own visual roulette system and from others who played with computers. It is therefore very gratifying for me to receive the emails (above) and I wish to thank all those customers who took the trouble to send in their kind comments.

Perhaps the genius part is taking things a bit too far,, but these are still genuine customer reactions. I have seen one non customer describe my visual system as being for both beginners and idiots. I was myself recently playing my original visual system in its most natural form, and I couldn’t help thinking how, after 30 years of being a player, this was still definitely my first and best choice for visual play, and yet I don’t consider myself to be an idiot or a beginner!

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