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Learning how to play visual roulette is the easy part, but it is how well we apply the method that counts. There is a visual skill involved and provided we know exactly what we are aiming at then this skill is not difficult to get a rhythm going within a few hours. In fact, even after 25 years of playing I must still first get my eye in every day before playing because the conditions that affect the ball action are always changing and we must adjust with them.

When you very first start to read the ball action, you will find it impossible and that’s because at first, when you have nothing to make comparisons with, it is impossible ! We must first lock our brains on to the spin we like and then look out to make a match, and to do that, you need at least two spins.

It took me about three months to construct my system and this part you can read in under two hours. I recall that once I had established exactly my objective with the ball, I was then able to go off and train the skill to a good enough level within about 10 days. Many of these visual skills can also be passed on, though in a limited way as the talent is really in your hands. If you see my testimonial pages you will see some comments from very content roulette playing customers.

The other point to make about the skill element involved with reading the roulette ball is that I have always made our human abilities, or rather inabilities, the number one factor, and to that end have designed a roulette system that allows for a very big margin for human error. If we were not physically able to read the ball in a certain way then it would be pretty stupid to make it the foundation of a roulette system. This is in fact the very problem with many roulette computers in that there is so little margin allowed for human error here either, and in particular our inevitable timing errors. There’s no point in relying on millisecond timing if we are humanly unable to time at such a level anyway. If there was a perfect way to mathematically correct these timings, then there would be no problem, but this can’t be done with m.sec perfection, and remember, if we were using a method that  relies on perfect timing in m.secs or partially corrected ball times then we would end up with only a variety of good and bad results.

With the Jafco visual roulette method I have designed a system where we have a wide area to aim at in relation to targeting the roulette ball. Unsurprisingly I used the benefit of all these years of visual playing experience to know for certain that I needed to convert  this same exact and forgiving method onto my computer program, the Pred7 and all for the same reasons……We are not Perfect !!!  and should always take all the help we can get

Learning the to use the computer is probably both easier and faster but that’s because we have taken the roulette ball skill factor out of the equation by taking an accurate ball revolution time. Not only do we require just one ball revolution time but it could technically be the first one!

With the Pred7 computer prediction for roulette, the skill factor is first to acquire a good understanding of the program and menu tools and to master and maintain your strategic roulette betting position. The top players know how to set up correctly and then how to set their prediction window in such a way that they maximize the number of bets, whilst also using the signals given to direct the required adjustments to match the current and changing ball conditions.

When it comes to winning big money at casino roulette, or indeed anything else, there always needs to be the requirement of good information and skill, otherwise the whole world could do what you can and if so, we would never have had the opportunity to start with. It is your understanding of the method and your level of skill to apply it that will set you apart from others.

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