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After years of playing visual roulette I decided to convert my exact system into a roulette computer predicting program

I started building with my programmer in about 2003 and released the first complete working version in 2007. The Pred7 has evolved at a rapid rate, with over 30 updates since then, with the very latest version.

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The C++ program (Not Java) is embedded to a small pocket computer and provides the player with very accurate timing in milliseconds. We listen to predictions through the mico earpiece and use speakers for practise and demonstration.


There are other roulette programs out there and, as a competitor, I don’t see it as my place to review and knock their products or I might be tempted into being more biased than the roulette wheels I like to play ! However, I will say that I know my prediction methods are unique and my program differs in many ways from all the others. I can also say that most of what I have read on the internet about my own products is filled with inaccurate and misleading information, even though accuracy is the name our game.   

First, we now have up to 4 bet positions which can be positioned together or separated. This, at times can be very useful and sometimes critical. There are periods when we have two small and separated hot roulette section and if we are not betting on both sections, then our potential to win would be dramatically reduced. There are other conditions that are so good that we place our two bets very close together and go for double neighbour winners.

All Jafco roulette videos are filmed live and with no film cuts during actual play.

The Pred7 Program was designed to give two predictions. Imagine there are two hot zones and they are ten numbers apart? If you are only on one it will 100% affect your winning potential and ofcourse if you are on both it will give you a dramatically high margin. You can see from my videos that we can in fact position our bets anywhere we wish and in this next video they are separated bets.

Secondly, I have developed a moveable prediction window, which for the first time enables the player to adjust and follow the conditions without continuously taking a new ball sample/profile. Another advantage is that with so many ways to adjust this prediction window we can be sure to maximize the number of predictions and reduce the number of no bets on good spins. Naturally we continue to get the no bets on the bad spins.

The prediction window was developed directly from my visual system where the visual judgement on the ball was noticeably changing and where sometimes I had to pick an earlier bet that involved a faster ball that still travelled the same distance as a slower ball had earlier.

I had to adjust my eye, but you would only need to adjust your window. You also get a signal at the end of the spin to advise you on which way to adjust this roulette ball timing prediction window.

The next difference is without doubt the most significant and relates to how we actually go about selecting our predictions.

The one thing I learnt as a visual player more than anything else is that we must be realistic about our own human inaccuracies and must design a way to play that fully compensates for these measurement/ estimation errors. The reason I say this is because it is often overlooked that these same human inaccuracies are still prevalent when using a roulette computer. Every computer will act in a certain way, but whatever way it is, it will always make its calculations based entirely on how We clicked on the ball, and if we make predictions on the basis that our timing will always be correct then we would be fooling ourselves and heading off completely in the wrong direction. In fact I can tell you that it is highly probable that you will time incorrectly, though that is mainly because we time in milliseconds and by my judgement,  a good clocker can time to within approximately only three hundredths of a second. (30ms)

If dealt with in the right way, We can almost completely take out the bad effects of timing errors, and in the case of the Pred7 program it is not that I am trying to correct your timing errors as this can not be done to perfection anyway, it is because I have chosen a way to predict where it is the method that allows for bad timing and not because of an attempt to correct the bad timing. The net result of this is that approximately 80% of your timing errors will have no impact on the final prediction number. It’s not just the high percentage that’s good; it’s also the fact that there is categorically no negative impact at all with these timing errors, as opposed to varying degrees of inaccuracy through the normal type of time correcting styles. You will know this for sure when you see the test video where the pred7 Program makes predictions based on the very first full rotation of the ball, again something unique and not shown anywhere before. At the start of the spin the ball revolution times are very fast at around 0.4 seconds and there is no way I can get perfect timing accuracy but because of the way I have set up to play, and because of the way we predict, I can afford to make timing errors to a degree without negative impact and this is all explained on My CD players manual.

By avoiding the standard time correction methods we do not now require more than 1 ball revolution time to make a prediction, and not only that but you will see in the video that it can be the very first ball revolution ! No-one has shown that before.

In fact what’s happening is that when we bet within the last seven ball revolutions we use a method similar to my visual system prediction style, where ball accuracy is the key, and when we bet very early we take advantage of my dealer signature methods where there is even more compensation for human error as one would expect when betting very early.

There are many more unique aspects to the Pred7 software and one more for now is our strategy for playing wheels with what we refer to as having semi-dominant drop points or also known to Jafco visual players as the 2 and 3 pin games where we have multiple ball drop points. This is certainly the area of the game that we specialize in and our ability to play these wheels well, sets the program apart from others. In 2006 I introduced a concept known as the ‘Roulette Overlap’ and believe that one day all computers will need to adopt this style of play as it creates the strongest possible advantage point without even needing to know which of the two or three pins the ball will end up landing on!

The Pred7 Program can be viewed in London with a free pre-purchase demonstration by appointment. This service is followed with free training for new customers. For players unable to travel for the demonstration the Pred7 can be purchased by bank transfer or possibly Paypal and these players will then receive my complete training service by email.

The Player Pack includes;

1.The latest Pred7-X program Embedded onto a small pocket computer.

2. Spare program and speech files on SD card. This is important as it would always enable you to re-install your program should it ever be lost.

3. Cradle Charger for computer with usb lead.

4. Complete switchset

5. Micro Earpiece with induction loop and batteries.

6. Cd player manual

7. DVD with two hours of roulette spins

8 CD for re-installing

Total Cost:    £2,250 plus £18 Secure worldwide post.

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Optional Extras

Players may like to purchase our two person player kit including all accessories such as the extra earpiece, loop, and transmission link and chargers.  

Total Extra Cost:    £225 + £12.50 Secure worldwide post

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