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My intention is to always offer an above average customer service. Confidentiality will be assured at all times and we do not share, sell or pass on any private customer information to other individuals, organizations or businesses.
I deal directly with all customers when it comes to training emails and your player questions or ofcourse the live 1 to 1 training.

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Any products that arrive in sub standard condition will be replaced immediately. Customers should not return any Items until agreed and arranged by email.

All my products are information driven and represent many years of research and playing experience. I created my own unique system from the roulette spins rather than books.. If you read what the jafco customers say It will soon be obvious that my systems for beating casino roulette are not only valid but also practical and workable, given the right roulette conditions. For all these reasons I can’t offer refunds on my products, as I would prefer someone not to buy it if they are simply going to read it and try to return it.


Customers should allow 21 days for delivery, though in fact we are almost always in stock and our products are sent out within 24 hours 95% of the time.
We use ‘sign for’ secure post and customers are then given their track and trace reference number. In the last five years only 1 pack failed to arrive.

Roulette Wheel  Rhythm Count

With the visual system we recommend that customers are open minded to the idea of developing a good rhythm count as this is the most practical and natural way to play. In fact this is how I do all my live demonstrations and play myself. The vibration unit is the very best way to develop such a counting skill. I would still advise these players to practice at first with the vibration unit and then after gaining some experience, convert to a two second count.

Computers and electronics are prohibited in some regions and It is your responsibility to check your own region as we cannot accept any responsibility for any use or misuse of our products, to either win or lose money.

The newspaper article below relates to a big win at the Ritz Casino (Heist). The reason for highlighting this article is because it shows that because the game is supposed to be random, using a computer was not against the law as neither the computer or clocker affected the outcome of the roulette spin. In other words it’s ok to measure a ball speed but it’s not ok to stick your hand in the wheel, pick up the ball and put it into your chosen number! That one might take some explaining!

Times Newspaper Story 5th. December 2004
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With jafco systems we do not use lasers as they are detectable, we don’t use mobile phones because of processing issues and we don’t use cameras because of camera shake imperfections and the lack of practicality. We also don’t use micro processor units as they are not an everyday item like the Pda we like to use. In respect of cameras they would need to be at least 100 frames per second and that’s just for the roulette part, it still wouldn’t resolve the camera shake issue. I commented on this site that all my methods are designed to compensate for all our human judgement errors and this is equally important for both visual players and computer prediction players.
Our Pda computer comes with a spare program and speech files on an sd card. This will enable you to always re-install your program without requiring assistance from us, should the program ever get deleted.
Our Pda timing is deadly accurate, operates in milliseconds and easy to set up. The Program is embedded c++ and not java.

Jafco Copyright

I value my copyright protection, it is the lifeline to any business with information based products. When it comes to playing roulette, the quality of your information and the answers to your player questions is critical. If your set up isn’t exactly correct and understood then you may well set up to the cold zone and actually lose more than the gambler next to you, playing with his eyes shut.
If there is a hot zone in roulette to aim at, then it follows that there must also be a roulette cold zone too and make no mistake the difference is as big as you can get. To take roulette system play seriously, you need to deal directly with the system designer.

A Modern Day Roulette System

I remember winning nicely on a beautiful roulette wheel during my first two weeks as a pro player many years ago and thinking, this is too good to be true, these type of  wheels will just disappear in months and then what will I have?  Although the wheels stayed a while longer than expected, I had still taken the needed precaution and learnt to play the semi ‘beautiful’ wheels. In the end I worked out a way to play the medium quality wheels that I have specialized in ever since. If we aim our sights too high in roulette we will end up with nothing. The selected style of play actually turned these semi wheels back into beautiful wheels, as I was able to secure the same winning margin, though with one or two extra playing conditions.

I developed and later introduced to players a new concept in visual roulette that proved amazing years later when applied to my computer. I named this roulette phenomena  “ the overlap bet postion”  which is essentially a small section on the wheel that is a very hot betting position because it is the best place for a greater number of eventual outcomes with the ball. I see it as a type of third dimension to the roulette game, that gives the player a much wider and forgiving area to aim at, and why I would naturally have wanted to adopt the same style of play with the roulette computer program.

I update all my systems regularly and am currently excited with my New Pred7 version where we can predict on any ball revolution, including the very first one ! I have also managed to use the last 3 years of Pred7 experience to isolate the hottest areas of my adjustable prediction window and am now able to make a distinction between the good bets and the really good bets !

Having updated my program so often it became difficult to find a way to make significant increases to the players margin but then I figured that doing something with the program that affected our strategy of betting rather than just how we play, would be the best way to significantly add to our winning margins.

Recently I launched my dealer signature system and advanced roulette booklet. For anyone who is interested but unsure then the visual method is the best way to go at first. This would enable you to judge the merits of the system with very low risk and when you understand it all and hopefully enjoy playing it too, then that is a perfect time to upgrade to the pred7, when your already acquired knowledge will make it all very simple.

With the computer prediction there is the offer of a free pre-purchase demonstration for serious and genuine players.

I also offer a five hour visual roulette training session at an extra cost of £125

All demonstrations and training are offered by appointment only

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